Hello, welcome to my store! My name is Rosanna, I was born in Brooklyn, NY. A few years ago I developed multiple sclerosis which impacted my life a great deal. It hindered me from being able to work a normal job. As a result I  decided to start my own business from home. Another aspect that influenced Rosies Hand Art is my two beautiful kids. Every winter I search for a new hat and scarf for my kids, something that’s durable, warm, stylish and will last through the winter. But nothing on the market in my area would ever catch my eye. So I decided to create my own. I learned how to knit when I was in 10th grade and luckily for me it stuck with me all of these years. I make beautiful hand crafted beanies, that are colorful, durable, stylish, and great for the wintertime. Not to mention sold for a great price. Here at Rosies Hand Art we believe in putting love into our products so we can create quality items that we would not only use for ourselves but our families. Everything we make is 100% handcrafted and most definitely loomed with love.